Walton & Tipton Township Public Library
Saturday, November 27, 2021

Our computers are filtered in compliance with state law.

Anyone listed on your Membership will be able to freely use the internet
except for what is filtered out by us. If you want to censor what your child has access to that is
between you and the child.

 * Users are limited to 30 minutes of computer time, if someone is waiting.

 * Users may use our wifi with their own computers freely.

 * The Library being a “limited public forum” site is very concerned with 1st
    amendment rights. Most people have a right to access materials. However, an
    effort must be made to filter what the Supreme Court deems, unacceptable from
    computer users. At the Walton Library computers will be filtered by ENA, our
    internet provider. Whether on our computers or on patron owned computers
    using our access, patrons must not violate any local, state or federal laws. Users
    are not to violate copyrights or otherwise use another person’s intellectual
    property with out prior approval or citation. Users are not to access, upload,
    download, transmit, or distribute pornographic, obscene or sexually explicated material.

 * Anyone not obeying the rules above may be:

 * Given a warning and asked to stop

 * Asked to stop and leave the library for that day

 * Asked to leave the library and not return for a period of time fixed by the Director

 * Asked to leave and not return for an indefinite period of time

Please see the Document listed below for further details


Internet Usage Policy
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2012 Internet Usage Policy8/15/201222.78 KBDownload