Walton & Tipton Township Public Library
Sunday, March 07, 2021
Walton & Galveston Lions' Club
The purpose of Lions' Club is to provide charitable services for people who need them while at the same time helping members to develop a fraternal relationship as they work with others.

"No person stands so tall, as when they stoop to help someone who needs help."

The goal of the local Lions' Club is to provide a meeting place for local groups, satisfy local charitable needs and to raise money for education, eye care, eye glasses, and leader dogs for those who need them as well as providing a social venue for those who care about our community.

The Lions' Club has several fund raisers each year. Often these take the form of Fish & Tenderloin Fries, Chicken Bashes or golf tourneys. The Lions' are one of the sponsors of May Day in Walton. We sponsor the boy scouts and club scouts in our area and allow them to use our facilities. The Lions' have a den on Depot Street in Walton.

Anyone who lives in the Southeastern School Corporation, outside of Deer Creek Township, area who is interested in doing good things for our community may join the club. For more information, contact Howard at 626-3139, Mac at 626-2462, Ian at 626-2725, or stop by the Walton Library.

Meetings: Meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Lion's Den in Walton.