Walton & Tipton Township Public Library
Tuesday, March 02, 2021
Walton Main Street Organization
The purpose of this organization is to promote the economic and social growth of Walton while preserving the history of our community.

The Walton Main StreetAssociation is an organization made up of Walton residents who would like to work together to make their town a better place. The WMSRA has been meeting monthly for over a year now and we have some wonderful ideas for the town. Some things that we have done so far are:

  • Coordinates town festivals and parades..
  • Wrote grants and raised funds to develop the new Memorial Park.
  • Worked with town officials and employees to develop the park.
  • Sponsored Easter Egg hunt, May Day Festival, Fourth of July Parade, Labor Day Fest, Boo! Fest and Small Town Christmas.
  • Worked together with other organizations.

Some ideas we have for the future are:

  • Working more with other organizations to plan more town events.
  • To get more people involved and interested in our town.
  • We would like to plan a bigger and better May Day Festival.
  • We would like to start working on funding to come up with a plan for the revitalization of our town.
  • To continue to meet every month and discuss ideas and plans and concerns residents have for our town.
  • To hold fundraisers to raise funds to help us do all of the above.

The WMSRA would like to invite anyone interested in our organization to attend a meeting to see what we are about. We are looking for interested residents to fill spots on our committees, to help with projects and organizing and getting the word out that we want to make a differance in our town! Walton is a wonderful place and we would like to see it grow into a town that we can all be proud of!

Goal: Our goal is to promote the existing businesses in town and to encourage new business.

Actions: We intend to have festivals, a business directory, and work on getting grants in order to make Walton look better and to develop economically viable.

Meetings: We meet the fourth Thursday of each month at the Walton Library in the community room at 6:00 PM.


  • President: Ammie Avalle
  • Vice-President: Rovena Ayers
  • Secretary: Sharon Solowey
  • Treasurer: Anne Robison
Board of Directors: Ralph Sinn, Penny Lucas, Gordon Southern, Nathon Martin, Joyce Beechy, Julee Chambers

Membership: Membership is open to anyone who would like to see Walton grow and be more prosperous. To get more information or to join call Ammie at 626-3204 or stop by the Walton Library.